final step to getting in shape

Friday, January 12, 2007

Ok, so after week number one, even though I went to the gym every day and ate well, I didn't go to the gym on monday because it was the one day a month that I don't go to the gym (other than fridays). I ate well and exercised every day this week as well. Except for tongih (my regular friday night off). Didn't go to the gym (was planning to go at lunch but then got word that I had a conference call right when I was planning to go, but then my boss forgot to conference me in. Went bowling with the associates and ate an amazing amount of junk food. Oddly enough a couple of shots and some mixed drink later and my bowling game actually improved. Given that I was throwing nothing but gutter balls, that wasnt' saying much. I don't plan to go the gym on monday (my supposedly weekly weigh in date that I have yet to do) beause it is a holiday so I will go jogging instead. Maybe week three I'll get around to weighing myself. For now, exercising and eating right will have to be sufficient.

Monday, January 01, 2007

new year. New plans. I'm at 198. Problem number one. I let work get to me. Problem number two, even when work doesn't get to me, I get bored. So I eat. It can't go any further than that. enough is enough. Took some time to think over the past week. It is clear I can't get in shape here the same way I did in Cleveland. It was one thing to have that sort of routine when there were no places to eat and nothing to do but work out, and nothing but time on my hands. Here, I have other things to do, and resturants to try, and dessert to eat. So, for the first time in my life, it looks like I will have to go on something that resembles a diet. At two pounds a week, I need to be exceptionally strict until midmarch. Back to having my priorities in order. Life goes on.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

So I hit the gym hard monday, tuesday, and wednesday. Thursday and friday I took off. yesterday and today I went out jogging. In cleveland, I always made my weekend days my days off. But I think I am going to change that here to thursday and friday. Those are always the hardest days for me to do anything. I've been eating well too. Although I had a couple of cookies and other holiday goodies, there has been no bingeing on sweets for the past two weeks. It felt so good to go out jogging. Although I'm now insanely sore. But oh well. I'll get over that. I'm amazed at how much I've declined in the past few months. I seem to be back at square one. Oh well, I'll get there. All in good time.

Monday, November 27, 2006

well, i went on a month long detour. Oh well. back on track. day two. protein drink. tofu casserole, carrot, banna, carrot for a snack, dinner, tofu casserole, and cheese and crackers, sweet potato dish. 65 minutes cardio.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

thursday i went for a movie and pizza with my roommate. No gym. Friday i went to the gym at lunch, 60 minutes of cardio. Then after work I went to a dance class. Total weight, I am down 5 pounds. Now off to SF for work for a week. The hotel supposedly has a great fitness center. I think I'll try to stay on Eastern time, and get up early and get in 90 minutes of cardio a day. Fortunately, I think the being really really hungry all the time for three days was hormonal. Thursday and Friday I wasn't hungry at all.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

breakfast was a small breakfast burrito and a small side of potatos. I was sooooo hungry. lunch was paneer tikka. dinner was a subway sandwhich. 55 minutes of cardio at the gym. followed that with 1 hour of dance class. loved the class. made me aware of how much weigh i've put on. I really can't see it. I have a blind spot to my own body. But I can see that it affects the way I move. I can't weight till I've lost some of the weight. I have to miss my dance classes next week. Bummer. but I get to go the san francisco. Ok, tomorrow night I'm going to a movie with my roommate. If I'm going to hit the gym, I need to do it before work. Must get up an go to gym.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Decisions. do i take the day off from the gym? I went to a dance class. and I've been to the gym for the past five days straight. breakfast was a protein drink. lunch was a pb&j on wheat bread and enchiladas. Dinner was pb&j and a slice of pizza. that means i'll probably break even on calories. I can take a day off from the gym. rest will be good. and then I'll be able to hit hard tomorrow. I've been dragging at the gym, so it is a good day to take off, especially since the dance class is the vienese waltz. certainly a dance that keeps you on your toes. i really wanted peanut m&Ms today. i had nothing to do all day and I wanted to eat. but I didn't. I did chew through two packs of gum though.